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Job Seeker Project Manager, Construction Manager at Rohan Jagath Silva in Maldives 24-08-2018
Employer stewarding supervisor at mohemd shafeek in Maldives 14-08-2018
Employer Laundry attendant at Prasad kalinga in Maldives 25-07-2018
Job Seeker Accounts Executive at Thanuj eranda Lokuwithana in Maldives 21-07-2018
Job Seeker Oliva at Oliva in Maldives 18-06-2018
Job Seeker POST OF HRM at Chandimal Gunasekara in Maldives 21-04-2018
Job Seeker Account Assistant at W.M.Sumith Bandara Walakulpola in Maldives 28-12-2017
Job Seeker Assistant Accountant at Sampath Madusanka in Maldives 04-11-2017
Job Seeker Seeking a Senior Position at Nimal Jayaratne in Maldives 14-10-2017
Job Seeker Accountnat at Sumudu in Maldives 22-09-2016
Employer Oman Hotel Vacancies for Female Candidates at Talent Lanka Human Resources in Maldives 26-04-2016
Job Seeker Ms at Kamalika Sandamini in Maldives 27-06-2015
Job Seeker Rangika Silva at Rangika Madugeeth Silva in Maldives 20-06-2015
Job Seeker Accounts Assistant / Book Keeper or Accounts Payable at Madusanka in Maldives 27-05-2015
Employer Nadeeshani at Nadeeshani in Maldives 19-02-2015
Employer Commi Cook - Maldives Hotel at diligroup in Maldives 02-03-2013
Employer GM Secretary at Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort in Maldives 19-12-2012
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 Articles & Resources for Job Seekers  

Getting through a Job Interview - How to Sell Yourself  in a Winning Style

If you are unable o find a job having faced many interviews it is high time you looked at yourself and be prepared with a better approach for your next topjobs interview. First thing you should understand that it is not a suprise that you do not suceed in a job interview where the subject vacancy does not match or require your existing qualifications & experience. Therefore first you need to be more careful with your job applications because blindly applying to each and every vacancy advertisement will not gain you anything as you are not likely to be called for an interview. Therefore before applying for a job you need to check whether you meet the minimum criteria specified in the job advertisement. Most of the time in Sri Lanka, when a job advertisement is published then employers get so many applications and they will shortlist the candidates based on the minimum qualifications. Therefore you need to be concerned if only you have failed despite you had all the essential qualifications and experience.... continue reading

How to Write a Winning CV

Having a common CV to be applied for any vacancy may not be the best way of doing it. It is important to have a specific CV for a specific vacancy. This is because different companies look for different skills and competencies in candidates even if the vacancy is for the same vacancy. For instance one company's expectations from an Accountant might differ from another. Writing a CV for a specific job is not always as easy as you might think as it requires some research & writing skills. First you need  to read the vacancy advertisement thoroughly and understand what the employer is exactly looking for. Then you need to do some research on the company where the vacancy exists. You need to analyze the qualifications, skills and competencies the company is looking for.... continue reading

Interview Questions

It is not easy to guess what specific questions will be asked at an interview. But there are some common questions which are generally asked by interviewers. Although these questions my be the same, the best answers for these questions may be different. Therefore it is important to be prepared for the suitable answers for these common questions in the light of the available information about the company, vacancy and its responsibilities. For instance an interviewer may ask "how do you get best out of your staff?" To answer to this question well, you may have to have some idea about the culture within the company and its management style. Therefore collect as much information as possible about the company, vacancy & its responsibilities. Here is a list of some common questions asked in interviews. We have not provided you the answers as there are no uniform answers... continue reading